May 14th, 2019 – Exploration and Song

We had a very active day today! One of our volunteers, Calvin, took everyone for a tour around downtown Kitchener. We visited City Hall, City Cafe Bakery and Victoria Park. Calvin even let the youth have a go on his longboard! We then headed back to the airbnb and shared some songs with each other. After a much needed rest, the participants attended Inshallah choir, directed by Debbie Lou. They were joined by two youth participants from Reception House, an organization which supports newcomers to Canada. Friendships were quickly formed and we are excited to have them join us for further workshops in the upcoming days!

Attending Inshallah choir, a group of over 130 voices from all over Waterloo region.
Friendships building across borders.
Team members Olivia and Sara preparing for tomorrow’s painting workshop after a long day!

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