May 15th, 2019 – Picnics and Painting

The beautiful weather outside led to a fantastic day in Waterloo Park! We had a pizza picnic and the youth taught us how to play Coco, a game from their home which was super fun. Our energy ran out much quicker than that of the youth, who were ready to go on forever!! A big thank you to our volunteers today: Dana, Kristina, Nick, Andrew and Calvin! After the picnic, we headed over to Martin Luther University College where Fran of Healing of the Seven Generations led us in a spirit painting workshop. Some beautiful reflections were shared about the final pieces of art. This was the first time that we had all three youth communities together in one room: the youth from Mumbai, youth from Reception House and Indigenous youth. It was so exciting to see everyone share their ideas with each other and work together. We look forward to further collaborative workshops! We ended the day with a lovely sponsored meal, socializing with the sponsors and a game of ping pong.

Reflecting on the art and looking for images in the designs.

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