May 16th, 2019 – St. Jacobs and Theatre

Today we explored St. Jacobs Farmers Market, checked out the vendors and had some apple fritters, maple candies and ketchup chips, trying out Canadian treats. We visited some animals and saw the lovely village of Elmira as we bused to the next workshop. This was our first theater workshop out of four which was led by Pam of MT Space, one of our fabulous partners. She taught us several warm up games including the human knot (pictured below)! We then moved into creating several skits based on themes such as our first ever memories and helping one another. Some beautiful ideas were presented. Finally, we had a lovely sponsored meal at a community member’s home and the youth said that it was the best pizza they have had since arriving!

A big shout out to our awesome volunteers from today: Niki and Nick! Thank you for your time, energy and support!

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