Diving Into the World of Arts-Based Research, in an Ever-Changing Global Society

Despite having little control over the COVID-19 health crisis, we absolutely have control over how we choose to treat one another. We are extremely saddened by the current state of affairs our world is in, pertaining to racial injustice and systemic violence. Whether it is within the black community or the remnants of the caste system that still dictates Indian society, we remain focused on the youth. It is in times like these, in which we rely on our leaders. We believe that youth have the unique potential to be game-changers, given the opportunity to lead and rebuild a more equitable and just society, contrary to our current structures that are engrossed by colonialism and white supremacy.

Our world is constantly shifting, breaking new ground, and pouring new foundations. This means that the Yuva Team continues to adapt and respond to our growing, changing, dynamic world. As we dive into the research world, we are adapting to these ever-changing times. We are devoted to taking responsibility and providing space to bring forth authentic voices and stories of diverse youth so that they can build a structure that is more accessible and sustainable for our world. In order to better understand the potential impact of the Yuva Arts Project, we continue to pursue the answers needed to centralize our focus on the youth as the game-changers in our future projects, and ultimately, our world.

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