The Team

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Tamara Menon – Founder


Tamara Menon has worked for over seven years in the music industry – ranging from performing arts to community facilitation. Her work with vulnerable youth through Songbound and Prerana in Mumbai, India, led her to pursue further education in Canada. This brought her to Wilfrid Laurier University where she is now studying Community Music. It was here in KW where she garnered the inspiration for the YUVA Arts Project. Her interactions with the Laurier community quickly spread to forming meaningful partnerships with MT Space, Neruda Arts, Silence, and local artists alike.



Olivia Maveal – Project Coordinator



Olivia Maveal is thrilled to be Co-project Coordinator for the Yuva Arts Project. In most recent years, her presence in the world of music has been fierce. Her interest in musical entertainment quickly turned into a pursuit for the betterment of her community. She is currently pursuing her final year in Wilfrid Laurier’s Music Therapy Undergraduate program, and is looking forward to continuing her journey with Yuva.



Lisette Pineau – Project Coordinator




Lisette Pineau has always felt a pull towards the arts. With a background in performing arts from Randolph College, and going into her final year of Community Music at Laurier, she is thrilled to be a part of such an incredible team. As co-project coordinator, she is looking forward to the development of future projects. 



Sara Pickard – Social Media Coordinator




Sara Pickard is thrilled to be involved in the YUVA Arts Project as the Social Media Coordinator. After several years of classical music education, they are currently completing a degree in Music Therapy at Laurier. With a passionate interest in both the arts and community building, they are honoured to have the chance to continue working on this unique project.



Giorgia Benazzi – Team Member










Dr. Gerard Yun – Mentor

Ensemble director, multi-instrumentalist, composer, conductor, and scholar Dr. Gerard Yun brings together intensive preparation in Western classical musics (masters and doctoral degrees in choral/orchestral conducting) with traditional training in cultural music traditions including the Japanese Shakuhachi, Asian Overtone Singing, West-African Kora, Ghanian Drumming, South African Choral Singing, Australian Didgeridoo, and Native American flute. Yun works to bridge cultures through community music practices, facilitation, and forms. As Assistant Professor of Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Community Music, Critical Studies, and Global Citizenship including specialized courses in Music and Social Justice and Global Sacred Musics. His interests include intercultural music ethics, improvisation in intercultural and interfaith community settings, and contemplative musics as community. He is an active ally in promoting healthy musical interactions between indigenous and settler cultures. In 2016 he received the Laurier Centre for Music in the Community Award for Recognition for contributions that enhance the quality and vitality of music in the community.